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The Kérastase Diagnostic


Clients receive a thorough consultation where the condition of the scalp and hair are taken into consideration. This ensures that the correct Kérastase hair and scalp products are recommended.


For optimum results, the Kérastase diagnostic should be a prerequisite in any hair care treatment ritual. By closely analysing the hair and scalp, the stylist is able to provide an expert, personalised solution combining knowledge-driven skills and leading-edge science. In the hands of an expert, the diagnostic becomes a dialogue between the stylist and the client. After the three stages of the expert diagnosis – observe, analyse, understand – the real dialogue between stylist and client begins.


The K-Mist


The K-Mist Rituals have revolutionised in-salon treatment. A light vapour enhances the Kérastase Treatment, inducing a sense of comfort and well-being. Computer controlled Micro-mist technology reduce water molecules to micro-particles by means of ultrasonic waves to produce an ultra-fine vapour that ensures excellent fusion with the active ingredients in the treatment.


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